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  • More interactive HTML output

    Hi Guys,
    first, congrats on a great product - we have purchased 20 BC2 and (so far) 1 BC3.
    In BC3.0.0 we have been investigating the HTML output option for folder comparison but it seems as if it basically dumps what is on the current page with no interactivity. This makes it very hard to use when comparing directories each containing lots of levels and files.
    What would be fantastic is if the HTML report had some embedded JS that allowed us to open up/close down folders - I could then use the report a bit more like the interactive screen and see from the top level if any folders are different and if so, drill down into them.
    This would certainly be useful for me - what do you guys think?
    Cheers, Jerry

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Making the report interactive is something we're considering. We're also considering an HTML report option that would link the files in the Folder Comparison Report to individual text compare reports for each file.
    Chris K Scooter Software