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Small GUI enhancement for showing what multiple actions are working on

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  • Small GUI enhancement for showing what multiple actions are working on

    Can you guys add an optional column to both sides of the main window in which you put a number (say 1 and then followed with a letter to indicate from where to where, say a to b, or source (s) to target (t) ) for an action next to the directory that the action is working on on both sides?
    This number should then also be in front of the copy progress line at the bottom.

    The reasons for asking is that now you allow multiple actions to happen at the same time, and I get lost after a few with regards to which directories they are working on.

    For example, if I have two long running actions, it would look like this (in poor grahics)

    Directory window left Directory window right
    # directory tree # directory tree
    1a dir a 1b dir a
    3t dir b 3s dir b
    dir c
    2s dir d 2t dir d
    dir e dir e

    1 copy dir a from left (1a) to right (1b)
    2 copy dir d from right (1s) to left (2t)
    3 move dir d from right (3s) to left (3t)

    The above are all just examples to indicate the actions that now show in BC3 as progress bars and lists of files being affected. You would only have to put the # (say 1) in front of the progress bar, not the text. You can deduce the action in the directory trees by looking at 1a to 1b, or 3s to 3t, which tells you in what directions things are going.

    The reason I suggest an optional column is that you should be able to toggle this on, or able to leave it off if you're not interested in seeing this additional detail.

    Let me know if there are any questions on this suggestion.

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    I am not sure I 100% follow the suggestion, but I do agree there is need for mechanism to feedback to user which files the action still has to act on (and maybe has already act on). At the very least, hovering over the action or possibly a button like the cancel that brought up a properties dialog would be great to have.

    Additionally, maybe selecting one or more of the jobs could result in the files included in the action being highlighted in some way in the file list. Sometimes I start an action then go back and want to pick extra files and start an additional action and it can be difficult/impossible to figure out what was included in the first set.