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Closing last remaining tab minimizes window

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  • Aaron
    Thanks for the suggestions, eee.

    Since it takes awhile for BC to start up for you, why not disable the "close when last tab is closed" option? This way, when the last tab is closed, you go to the Home Screen instead of closing the application. You can then choose to minimize or close.

    Side Note: Alt+Space->N is the Windows shortcut for minimizing.

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  • eee
    started a topic Closing last remaining tab minimizes window

    Closing last remaining tab minimizes window

    Suggestion for additional functionality.

    There is an option to close the main window when all tabs are closed.
    But since it takes !5 seconds for BC3 to start, I prefer not closing.
    Nevertheless, it would be nice if I could minimize the BC3 window automatically when all compare tabs are closed. This way I save the 5 seconds start time, and also do not see the (currently unnecessary) BC3 main window.
    Also, a MinimizeToTray suboption would be nice.