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Folder alignment problem

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  • Folder alignment problem


    Kindly have a look at attached image first.

    I. I want to align the folders like below

    APIE2E1cmem1 <-> APIE2E4cmem1
    CSRE2E1cmem1 <-> CSRE2E4cmem1
    JNLPE2E1cmem1 <-> JNLPE2E4cmem1

    I tried the "Alignment overrides" option under Session Settings > Misc. There I can specify the regex only for the left side but not for the right side.
    e.g. I can set the "Alignment overrides" to APIE2E[0-9]cmem1 <-> APIE2E4cmem1
    But that won't work if I have APIE2E3cmem1 on the right side. Please suggest. What I'm looking for is something like this APIE2E[0-9]cmem1 <-> APIE2E[0-9]cmem1

    II. Similarly is there some way (some regex etc) that I don't need to specify three different alignment overrides each for API, CSR, JNLP. The one which strikes me (which is not so beautiful & precise) is -
    What I have in mind is an extended regex ..more like (API|CSR|JNLP)E2E[0-9]cmem1. Would it work in BC3?

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    The mask used for the right is a substitution mask, so if you surround parts of the left side mask with parenthesis you can refer to the resulting characters in the right side. Eg:

    (.*)E1(.*) -> $1E4$4

    The transformation works by using a regular expression and substitution mask to go from a specific left file to a specific right file, so we can't allow wildcards on both sides. Sorry.
    Zoë P Scooter Software