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HDD seek when copying / synchronising

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  • HDD seek when copying / synchronising

    it seems that bc3 does a lot of head seeking when copying to USB drive
    can hear the soft buzzing as the HDD head changes position.

    compared with fastcopy

    perhaps this is due to bc3 verifying as it is copying.

    the sound is similar to CDCheck when it is verifying data.

    head seeking is less when not burning CD / DVD
    could be an OS memory allocation issue.
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    Do you have background content comparisons of some sort enabled? That's handled by the "Requires opening files" bit on the "Comparison" tab in the session settings. Currently BC doesn't suppress those while it's copying, so if you're copying multiple files it can start comparing after the first one completes, and is effectively verifying the copy.

    If you don't have background content comparisons active, does a copy using Explorer produce the same behavior? We're using the OS-provided copy function, which has different trade-offs for copy speed vs memory usage than FastCopy does.
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      thx 4 info.

      have generally left BC settings on default.

      will check out the explorer copying.