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Escape closes compare - bane of vim user's existance

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  • Escape closes compare - bane of vim user's existance

    After editing something / anything, my default hand motion is the <esc>:w. I've slowly started to wean myself of adding :w to my files, however the escape keystroke is still alive and well.

    I looked in the customize command dialog and ctrl-w is assigned to the close tab command, however esc isn't assigned to anything so that I might un-assign it.

    Might this command be added to the customize command dialog so I can remove it?

    There was a similar forum topic titled: "Find+Escape closes window and not find dlg" that might have also benefited from this option, but that's about the only related forum topic I found.

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    The option you're looking for is the "ESC key closes file views" one, and it's on the "General" tab in the "Options" dialog.
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