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    I use BC a lot and find it invaluable. Additional capabilities of BC3 are very nice, and I've already found some new favorites. File moving and copying are great features. So far, though, I am a little terrified by the bugs that still seem to be hiding in this part of the program!

    However, I often recommend BC to less experienced pc users and assist them in using it to make and verify mirror backups. Invariably, these folks find the program daunting. I'm afraid the expansions involved in BC3 make the interface even more difficult for this class of users. Having a facade that can be set up by an experienced user and that would enable less experienced users to perform routine tasks easily would be a great feature.

    Is this capability already there? I could easily have missed something... or perhaps I'm not being imaginative enough in finding it.

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    Try out the Folder Sync Sessions (rather than the Folder Compare's Sync commands). They have been designed with easier options in mind.

    What do you think of the Folder Sync Session for this purpose?
    Aaron P Scooter Software