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Issue: "Unable to load d:: The device is not ready" ???

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  • Issue: "Unable to load d:: The device is not ready" ???

    Very frequently, I receive the following error message when using the folder compare view to perform a copy to right/left pane over an existing file.

    "[Date Time stamp] Unable to load d:: The device is not ready"

    When this occurs, other files in the same folder will copy over fine. To work around, I must delete the unwanted file, which then allows me to perform the copy.

    This occurs on the portable BC3 installs.

    [FYI, I believe the "d::" is not referring to a drive letter--my drive D: is not one of the compared folders]
    Last edited by MPTurner; 19-Dec-2008, 03:34 PM. Reason: Correction. I cannot duplicate on client BC3 install.

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    Would you be able to send a screenshot and log to [email protected] ? The log is the green pane at the bottom.

    Please include a link to this forum post. Alternatively, you could post here, but anything posted here would be public.

    Some things I'm looking for in the screenshot would be the types of folders you are comparing (local, remote, ftp), the file (do some files work and then fail later?), etc.

    Let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      In my controlled tests of this problem:
      - BC3 Portable install: I was able to duplicate problem -- see
      attachments and description below.
      - BC3 Portable install: I was unable to successfully copy over ANY
      existing file.
      - BC3 Client install: I could NOT duplicate the problem--perhaps I
      was incorrect about client having problems.

      For my tests, I compared folder contents on local hard disk (C
      against portable thumb drive (Q. And, also compared two folders
      which both existed on local hard disk (C. Both scenarios exposed the

      Also, from the File Compare view, I manually edited either file. But,
      I was unable to save changes to either file. (See attached

      I tried running the BC3 Portable install from a local hard disk
      location (I normally run from thumb drive), but the problems were
      exposed in either scenario.

      These controlled tests were performed on only one PC on which I have
      administrative privs. But, I have experienced these issues on at
      least three other PCs.


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        Could you send us a copy of your Support package to [email protected] ?
        Help menu -> Support; Export.

        A link to this forum post in the email would be helpful.

        Is it possible the contents of your Beyond Compare 3/Helpers folders are different between your Portable install and Regular install?

        What types of files are you attempting to copy?

        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          My problem is fixed. PEBKAC issue. Sorry.

          In the BCPreferences.xml file, the parameter:
          < BackupDir Value="x:\xxx\xxx" / >
          was set to a "d:\" drive folder.

          On several prior reinstall attempts, I apparently adopted the old preferences which contained the obsolete drive path.

          So, apparently it was USER issue. (My finger and my thumb in the shape of a "U" on my forehead).

          However, perhaps it would be helpful if the error message were to specify in which context the device is not ready (e.g., "Unable to load BACKUPDIR d:...").

          Sorry about your spent efforts. Have a nice Presidents' Day weekend.


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            I'm glad to hear you got this resolved. I'll talk to our developers about improving the error messages when backups are turned on.
            Chris K Scooter Software