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  • Error opening file

    I'm trying to do a text comparison and I get a red X and "Error Opening File". I can't find where to show the log from this view. What am I missing?

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    The Text Compare does not show a Log for failed items. Specific error messages can propagate back to the parent Folder Compare's log (or the auto saved log file), or show as a status bar message in the Text Compare. This one sounds more general, however.

    Can you open the file in Windows Explorer by navigating to it?

    Are you navigating to the file with the browse button or typing in the file path manually in Beyond Compare 3's Text Compare?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I didn't click Browse - it's actually a mainframe file. I typed in the name wrong. But if there's more information available at the time of the error, it'd be helpful in the future to be able to see that.