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  • Show only hidden items?

    How can I see only what my filters are hiding?
    I know how to "suppress filters" and "show all"
    It'd be nice to see only what I typically want to ignore...

    If that makes sense...

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    So you just want to see what's hidden using your file filters and not those hidden due to display filters? There's no way to do that right now. If you switched to "Show All" and then used "Suppress filters" it would show all of those files in teal, but that's the best that's available.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      You got it. I'd like to see only the "teal" files
      With hundreds of files....
      Probably not much demand for this.


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        What name file filters are you using? In many cases, its really easy to define the inverse name file filter.
        Erik Scooter Software


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          I have thought, upon occasion, that it would be nice to have a toggle button to automatically invert the file filters (adding "-" where it does not exist, and removing it where it does).
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