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Off-Topic : recover lost file (Thanks : it is URGENT)

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  • Off-Topic : recover lost file (Thanks : it is URGENT)

    Hello friends,

    I am a user of BC3, This topic is not relevant to BC, however I thought that moderators and visitors to this forum may know about the problem I am facing right now.

    A program I RE-Installed recently, removed some files from my system. (incidentally it deleted data files from its own OLD userdata folder). I tried to recover the file by software . However, I found that recuva does not show files that have been deleted programmatically by some software (It does not show files that some of my own program intentionally erase)

    Then it occurred to me that BC people would be able to provide me the best advice about what software to use for my purpose so far as reliability and cost effectiveness is concerned. BC itself is very reliable and inexpensive, and BC has to deal with files and folders a lot.

    It will be very nice if you friends please provide me the guidance as repeat usaage machine may render the files unrecoverable. Incidentally, I need to recover just two 100 MB files.

    With Regards

    Sanjiv Bansal
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    I'm not too familiar with different data recovery software, but this article looks like a good place to start:

    As the article mentions near the bottom, periodic back-ups help prevent this; though your story sounds like something fairly obscure managed to get deleted. Sorry to hear that.

    I also recommend looking at the comments in the article, as many users mention other solutions.

    If any users here have any suggestions, please feel free to chim in.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hello Aaron,

      You seem to have directed me to the ultimate source of solution. I wish I get a solution there.

      Please accept my thanks for your help.

      With Regards

      Sanjiv Bansal


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        There are dozens of undelete utilities out there. While it won't necessarily help you this time around (depending on how much information Windows retained on the deleted files), one utility that can ensure that files can be recovered is Undelete ( by the good people at Diskeeper corporation. There is a trial you can always give it a try.

        For files that have already been deleted, preferably you should avoid using the system with the delete files (to minimize the likelyhood of those deleted filed being overlaid with new files) and should use an undelete utility that does not need to be installed (a stand-alone utility that can be placed on a USB thumb drive, for example). Those are few and far between however...and although I have used one in the past, I don't remember who wrote it or where I downloaded it from.

        If the data that was deleted is not on the primary system partition, then installing a new utility should not pose a problem. As I said above...there are dozens of undelete utilities. If the one from Diskeeper doesn't work for you, you might try Glary Undelete from
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