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Unable to copy file_ZZZ: The handle is invalid

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  • Unable to copy file_ZZZ: The handle is invalid

    Unable to copy file_ZZZ: The handle is invalid

    I am having problems copying/moving/synchronizing certain files between three particular NAS devices. After approximately 90 seconds, BC3 gives me the following error:

    Unable to copy file_ZZZ: The handle is invalid

    This problem does not occur with all files, but with many. I can’t cite any difference between the files that cannot be copied and those that can (other than their actual data – they are of all types: .doc, .pdf, .txt, etc.).

    Here is how I can copy these "problem files" between my NAS devices and to my local HD “C:”:

    N1 -> N1 OK
    N1 -> N2 NG
    N1 -> N3 NG
    N1 -> N4 OK (all devices can copy "problem files" to/from N4)
    N1 -> C OK (all devices can copy "problem files" to/from local disk C
    N2 -> N3 NG
    N3 -> N2 NG

    Specifically, for a "problem file" that I cannot copy from N1 -> N2, I am able to copy first N1 -> C then C -> N2.

    My main problem is that I am unable backup files that are on N1 to N2 & N3. Now the only way I can do that is to first copy them to C: and then to N2 & N3. I have been doing this backup for years – these problems just started two days ago and I have been unable to resolve them.

    I don’t know if this is important or not, but the two problem destination NAS devices, N2 & N3, are the same make and model. N4 is by a different manufacturer. As far as I know, nothing has changed on any of these devices.

    Windows Explorer encounters this same problem (Invalid file handle). WinXP on my PC was recently restored so I would be surprised if the OS was corrupted (but anything is possible). Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Additional information:
    Sometimes after a "problem file" takes 90 sec to fail with handle is invalid, the file does copy (refresh required to see this), but the timestamp is changed to the current date & time.
    Also, BC3 sometimes give me a different error when attempting to copy one of these problem files:
    Unable to copy file_ZZZ: Error performing inpage operation
    ◦BC build 3.0.12 build 9589
    WinXP MCE 2005
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    If Windows Explorer cannot perform the copy, it is unlikely BC will be able to. BC uses the same copy method as Explorer to perform the copy.

    Do you have a 2nd PC (not recently restored) to test the external NAS drives on? That could help you determine if it is the current PC or if it is the NAS devices.

    Have you have trouble/success in copying between these specific NAS devices before the System Restore?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      It works fine from other computers – the problem is on this particular PC. I need to clarify about the restore of my system – this was an actual non-destructive restore from the recovery partition (HP computer) that required me to reinstall all of my applications afterwards. I did this restore one week ago after the PC would not even boot into Safe Mode.

      Since only some files are affected, I did not encounter the problem right away. Is there any way to troubleshoot these “selective” file copy/move problems in WinXP or am I going to have to bite the bullet and do a format and complete OS reinstall?


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        Because Windows Explorer also can't copy the file, this isn't an issue with Beyond Compare. This error message can show up if a file is corrupt, or if a disk has some kind of problem.

        Because your other computers work correctly, this might indicate bad software on your computer, corruption in Windows, or a hardware problem. Also, changing your network connection might help. If you are on a wireless network, try using a wired connection. If you're on a wired connection, try using a different network cable or port on your network switch.
        Chris K Scooter Software