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  • Please add this feature

    Situation: More often than not, I need to compare two blocks of text instead of the whole body. I have to create two text files, paste the two blocks of text, save them, then load them into BC.

    Improvement: Would you please have a built-in text editor that allows me to paste the text directly into BC for comparison?

    Thank you. Kudos on the Linux version.

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    The Linux version of BC3 is supposed to support comparison of clipboard text, but right now it hangs when you open the clipboard. I'll add this to our bug list to be fixed.

    The Windows version of BC3 does support comparison of clipboard text. You can either select File|Open Clipboard to open clipboard text in the currently selected pane, or you can paste text directly into a blank text comparison window.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Thank you

      I'm so happy.