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zip file problem ('Compare using')

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  • zip file problem ('Compare using')

    Zip file handling like virtual folders is OK for many cases. Still, every now and then they are stupid binary files only. I wasn't able to find a simple way to handle them in this vein. "Compare using" (explorer etc.) isn't available and even in the application the action of the same name seems to work for files only. For folders (and at this point, zip's are considered apparently as folders), the Customization menu states that it is yet in the "Action" menu, but in fact it isn't.
    Is there a way to enforce a simple binary comparison?


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    To treat zips as files, go to the Session menu -> Session Settings -> Handling tab, and treat zips "as files always". Then go to the comparison tab and turn on the Content Comparison: Binary. This will binary compare all of your files, and zips will be considered files. You can set these as the Session Defaults, or save this as a unique session for a particular folder compare.
    Aaron P Scooter Software