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pc automatically restart every one hour with BC 3.0.14

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  • pc automatically restart every one hour with BC 3.0.14

    After installing beyond compare 3.0.14 my pc automatically restarted every one hour even when no software is running. i have used version 3.0.13 and previous versions, they have no problem. after uninstalling beyond compare 3.0.14, my pc is working fine.
    i have searched in event log there is a warning 'The HECI interface is being reset.' just before restart.
    my pc os is windows xp sp3 & motherboard is INTEL DP35DP bios 0216, and i have installed 'HECI_AllOS_3.0.30.1086_PV.exe' as a motherboard driver. i think there is something in BC 3.0.14 which conflict with mother boards HECI driver.
    i have faced same problem with Daemon tool lite 4.30.3 few days ago. then i uninstall Daemon tool lite 4.30.3 and install 4.30.2 to solved the problem.
    please advice me, what should i do?

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    I think this may be an issue with your motherboard and drivers, and not Beyond Compare or Daemon Tools. I googled the phrase and found this article:

    The poster at the bottom had the same error message. He fixed it by updating his Motherboard's bios.

    This post seems to indicate the same thing:

    Both are near the bottom of each thread.
    Good luck.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      solved in new version

      Problem is solved in new uersion of beyond comapre (3.0.15) without updating BIOS.
      thank you for advice.


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        We didn't implement any fixes for this issue in the last minor release. Do you have the same hardware as described by the users in the above forum posts I found? Both described the exact same error message, with the exact same symptoms (exactly hourly reboots).
        Aaron P Scooter Software