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Scripts and Not Removing Destination Files

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  • Scripts and Not Removing Destination Files

    I'm using 2.5.1. I use all scripts. Below is a sample.

    option confirm:yes-to-all

    load "C:\SRMDATAPST\" "C:\Documents and Settings\shawnm\Desktop"
    filter "Work.pst"
    select files
    copy lt->rt

    My questions are as follows.

    1. In V3, is there an option to display a status bar of the copy progress in scripts? I have some files that are 5-10 GB and it would be nice to see the progress. I see the file being copied (e.g., Copying (1 of 1): <file.doc>), but not really sure how far along the copy is.

    2. Sometimes the copy fails due to losing the network connection. When this happens, the file at the location I am being copied to is lost. Is there an option to not have this file deleted if the copy fails? So if I'm copying a 5 GB file, the connection fails, that 5 GB file is still there on the location I'm being copied to. Right now, it gets deleted.

    Thank you.


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    Sorry, scripts don't display a progress bar in BC3.

    Also, it isn't possible to prevent the old file from being deleted if a copy fails part way through the copy.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Thank you. If you can the above suggestions to the wish list, I'd greatly appreciate it.