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    Just installed Beyond Compare for Linux at both home and work. Both computers are running the new Ubuntu Hardy Heron distribution. It does not go final until tomorrow, but I imagine there will be very few updates between now and tomorrow.

    I have just started to work with the Linux version, but I wanted to start with the install experience. The install went exactly the same at both home and at work. The Debian package did not work at all. What I did to install it was just double click and have the installer do its thing. However, I get a general error message that says not able to open the BeyondCompare.deb file. I then downloaded the tar.gz file and extracted it. Great work on the readme file as I was able to install the correct qt package in apt and then use the --prefix command to install the program to the directory of my choice.

    I have only had the chance to diff a few files so far, but I can say that everything worked and looks great! I will continue to post my experience as I have more time.

    Also looking forward to purchasing a license when the beta period has ended!

    -Jeff Johnston

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    Right now installing the .deb package only works with command line tools. The command line is:

    sudo dpkg -i BCompareLinux_080422.deb

    For some reason the graphical tool fails to recognize that you need to have root privileges to install the package. We'll try to find a fix for this soon.
    Chris K Scooter Software