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  • Just a suggestion

    Sometimes comparing the whole content of folders doesn't make sense or is not needed.
    In such case we can try use filtering capabilities IF chosen files can be described in such way what is not always possible because of many reasons.
    So it would be great to have a possibility to read external list (from the text file) of files which should be compared.
    Such feature can be used also for coping selected files from one folder or group of folders to another locations.
    I couldn't find such feature in another software so I guess it can be the next thing to make BC the best in its class.

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    If you have a list of files to compare just put those in the "Include Files" filter, replacing the "*" default.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      Sure but it works for not too big number of files.
      If the list is pretty huge it can't be done in this way.
      Also if there are two files with the same name but in different subfolders and only one is needed to be compared this method doesn't seems to be a solution.


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        Hello Chris224,

        Filters can be specific by placing a .\ in front, to make it direct from the Base Folder. This allows you to identify specific files, and not identify others unintentionally. You can click the ? in the Filters dialog to find more information about different Script Masks.

        You can save mutliple sessions, each defining different files to be viewed.

        You could also use the /qc command line and a batch file/program to compare files. More information is in the Help file under the Command Line reference section.

        Let us know if you have any questions.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Thanx for this explanations Aaron
          I have to definitely agree filters are very powerful solutions for comparing or synchronizing specific files.
          It is the best solution if compared files can be described base on specific rules (i.e. all documents or all files with the specific names, etc.) but I am talking about comparing thousends files.
          So let's imagine you have the whole system with user's files and comparison should be done only with the part of it (let's say only user's files plus some sensitive ones) what gives a really huge list.
          If such list of files can be defined as a simple text file and later reading such list in BC can make such job a piece of cake. What is more-it can be repeated every time it is needed.
          Sure, creating a filters one by one is technicaly possible but it can take ages and it is much more possible to make a mistake.

          Based on the created list the batch file can be used of course what should do a job but it (in my opinion) could be great to use a GUI version to just read a list to compare.

          So it was my suggestion.

          Anyway I have to say BC is definitely the best tool for comparing files


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            Graphically, if you want to run a more detailed scan on some specific files, you can select the files, right click, and then Compare Contents. Check the option to Show Results.

            You can have a quicker scan setup for the whole folder (timestamp/size) and run the more detailed scan, which normally takes longer, on just a selection.

            The filters can point to very specific files. Instead of following rules or logic, it can point to the specific file .\mySubFolder\MyFile1.txt and .\mySubFolder\MyFile2.txt.
            In this way, you can add your selection to the filter. If you wish to reset the selection, simply delete the entire filter, then re-select and re-add to the filter. And easy way to add to your filters is to select the files, then Right-click and Exclude them. This adds the selection to the Exclude area of the filters.
            You can select what you want to add, then select the Inverse Selection command to select everything else, then exclude that instead.
            Or you can select what you want to add, exclude them, go through and exclude everything you want included. Then open the Filters dialog, and cut/paste the text from the Exclude section into the Include section.

            You may also want to simply cut your job up into multiple sessions. That way, you are only dealing with subfolders for each of the compares and you aren't personally managing thousands of files at once.

            Any of those suggestions help with your current workflow?
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              I agree of course.
              And great thanx for such detailed explanations.
              Alll mentioned methods are perfect for the small number of files.
              But as I've mentioned-I am talking about huge number of files.
              Such possiblity (mentioned text file with the list of files) can be used in many cases. For administrators who take care of the system, for experienced users to see which files has been changed and need to be replaced,verified or whatever, for people who just want to copy or move specific files based on the list generated by another software,etc. to name a few cases.

              Maybe a "live" example which I have few days ago.
              One program analyzed the content of documents based on specific content.
              This program generates a list of files which matched the search criteria.
              So now there are two possibilities: creating a batch file which moves chosen files to another location-what I have done or dreaming about a possibility to read such list in any synchronizing/comparing software which allows me to move them somewhere.
              I am sure everyone has met such or similar problem at least once