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BC3.0.15 Pro crashes

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  • BC3.0.15 Pro crashes

    I quite often compares folders of which one or both sides are SFTP-folders. In general, this functions quite well.

    However, it seems as though BC3 has problems if there are more than four sets of Copy left or right jobs active. BC3 stops working and Windows Vista Business takes over and searches for a soluation (which it, by the way, never finds).

    A workaround seems to be to create a job which includes several folders at once, by selecting multiple folders by Shift or Ctrl clicking. Even huge jobs do not make BC3 crash, if there are four or less jobs being shown below the two sides-window.

    I know this may be difficult to hunt down. It is time-consuming when BC3 crashes, so I try not to make BC3 crash when doing SFTP comparisons.

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    Could you send a copy of your BCSupport package Help -> Support; Export, to [email protected] and a copy of an FTP log. If you know your FTP Server software and version, that may help as well.

    Does this reproduce as soon as you trigger the 5th transfer?

    A link to this forum post in the email will also help.
    Aaron P Scooter Software