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Copying NTFS Security Descriptors in v3 Beta?

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  • Copying NTFS Security Descriptors in v3 Beta?

    Hi, I have edited the registry to get this working in v2 but the registry is different for v3 Beta - is this tweak supported in version 3?


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    This is now a full-fledged session setting. It's in the "File handling" section of the "Handling" tab, labeled "Copy NTFS file permissions".
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      I am trying to copy a folder including NTFS file permissions from one server to the local server that I installed BC3 on and even with this option enabled in the session, the permissions to not copy. The server is Windows Server 2003 SP2 (not R2) and the folder is located on the root of the D partition.

      I also created the session on my local machine, running BC3 as my enterprise admin account and confirm the same behavior. Would the folder living on the root of the D partition cause this odd behavior?

      I have now created the root folder, removed child inheritance and copied a subfolder with additional NTFS permissions and confirmed that they also do not copy. Is this a bug with 453?
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        Can anyone else confirm whether NTFS permissions are not copying, even when set to in session settings using the BC3 453?


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          Quick test seems to be working. Are you still having issues in 455?
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            I have just had the need to copy permissions again and have confirmed this to still be a problem. The folder that I am copying to has permissions set on it and the copied folders are inheriting those permissions. This does not occur with BC2. If possible, could a webex session or similar be set up for the dev team to see it?


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              I'm running build 8507, have the "Copy NTFS file permissions" checked, however my target folder does not have the permissions of the source folder.

              The source folder is in the root of a drive (in this case, M:\CorpDev), and I am trying to replicate the folder to another local drive, X:\. The CorpDev folder does not exists before starting the copy on the X: drive, BC3 is creating it.

              Also, I told it to do a copy, not a sync, is that the reason?

              Just looking to clarify, I am doing a trial run before a major file server migration and want to make sure I have my ducks in order.



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                You have described the exact same symtoms that I am seeing. To date, since one of the pre-public beta builds, the Copy NTFS file permissions has not worked for me. It works flawlessly with BC2 using the registry hack, but not in BC3 at the moment. I would suggest using BC2 if you have something planned, but be aware that BC2 does not support unicode filenames.


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                  Yeah, trouble is we have a lot of unicode documents; we have users in Japan and China, and MAC users who mount a share. That is why I was waiting for BC3.

                  Looking to do a robocopy now, then follow it up w/ a BC compare to find any differences.


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                    I feel your pain :-) I would suggest to either do a small robocopy or xxcopy with applicable variables first and test with BC3 to make sure that even copying the differences does not remove existing NTFS permissions. If it doesn't you should be fine and unicode files will be handled with BC3 properly.

                    If not; however, the method of robocopy or xxcopy followed by BC2 + registry hack would work if the first copy handled the unicode files (which xxcopy does support).


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                      oh right, sorry, I mean I would just use BC3 to verify I had a complete copy, and maybe use a report of the diffences to go and pick the missing files in Explorer.

                      I'll have the luxury of taking the file server offline for the migration, so I won't have to worry too much about files changing or adding, or being open.


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                        For anyone still monitoring this thread, copying NTFS permissions is broken in BC 3.0.10, it is on our bug list and we will work on a fix. Using BC2 with the registry tweak is the best work around right now as described in another post I made today:
                        Chris K Scooter Software


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                          Thanks for the update Chris. When you say it is broken in 3.0.10, I imagine it has been broken since the initial 3.0 release if I'm correct. Too bad the actual folder culprit was not caught by the dev. team during the beta days, but at least it was finally pinpointed.

                          I've used the 2.5.3 release for this purpose as it's critical to copy NTFS permissions with full folder structures when moving from one file server to another. Unfortunately if you then update the data with 3.0 if the NTFS permission are told to copy, it removed folder permissions entirely.