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  • Time Stamp, metadata, MD5

    IN BC2 or BC3
    Is there a way to automatically generate a report to show folders, files showing timestamp and MD5 hash so we can compare to make sure that the files timestamp have not been modified?
    I am looking for a report that can be saved in a csv file so that when launched in Excel, each field name is in a cell or a file that we can import into MS Access so I can run queries.

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    You can load two folders, then use the "Session > Folder Compare Report" command to save the comparison to a file. BC doesn't support MD5, but you can include the CRC value for files.

    If you want to open the report file in Excel, the best option is to output to HTML from BC3, then open the HTML file in Excel.

    If you want to track changes on a single folder, use the "Tools > Save Snapshot" to save the state of the folder. At a later date you can compare the snapshot file to the folder to see if anything has changed.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      unfortunately, saving the comparison report as an html, creates characters
      Directory folder right before the path, whcih cause havoc if i were to open in excel.

      If i saved it as a text file, it will insert ||+ to indicate these are subfolders, this too will not be useful importing into excel or Access.

      Is there an option to save side by side comparison that shows the filename, timetamp, crc without inserting directory folder icon or ||+?


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        Sorry, it isn't possible to save the folder compare report in side-by-side layout without the folder icon (HTML) or the ||+ to indicate subfolders (plain text).
        Chris K Scooter Software