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"compare in new view" missing in build 10168

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  • "compare in new view" missing in build 10168

    It is one of my most used functions. A new view without losing my place.

    - Select a directory (pair), R-Click "Compare in New View"
    Creates a subset of the directories, perfect for "Expand All" and such

    - In the same pane, Ctrl-Click two files, and "Compare in New View"
    Can't find any alternatives to this now.

    - In the same pane, Ctrl-Click two directories,
    R-Click / Open With / Folder Compare
    ( Just in a different place ).

    I really miss this feature.

    * Found some replacements using "Open With" ... but "Compare in New View" was fewer clicks.
    * And "Open" using two selected files behaves like the older "Compare in New View".
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    Hi Dick,

    It's actually still there, it's just labeled "Open" now. That was an unintended side effect of the other changes we made, and I don't think just "Open" is a good name for that command when folders are selected, so that will probably change. We aren't planning on removing the command, whatever it's called.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      Please do not remove the command.
      It is the quickest way to view a compare result of 2 files.


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        We haven't removed it and have no plans to do so. It's in the current release as "Open in New View" and will more than likely stay that way.
        Zoë P Scooter Software