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  • Windows 7 taskbar

    I don't like the way BC's taskbar button works in the new version on Windows 7. Without live previews it looks broken. Is this gonna be implemented in the future?

    Also, I don't really like tabs in programs having different buttons in the taskbar like IE does (and now BC). I couldn't find an option to disable it, is there one? If not, will there be one?


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    Thanks for the feedback.

    Live preview will be supported as soon as Microsoft releases enough documentation for me to do so. Hopefully that will be at the same time as RC1.

    There's no option to disable it currently; I wanted to get it in and get feedback on it before adding extra Windows 7 only options. Since the user base for it is so small right now I'll probably hold off on adding an extra option until I work on the live preview stuff. If there's enough demand for it before then I can reconsider. In the meantime, I think you can forcibly disable it by creating a new empty file named "DWMAPI.DLL" in the BC3 install directory. Just make sure you delete it later.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      Hi, thanks for your reply.

      The empty DWMAPI.DLL file method didn't work, it keeps displaying error messages.

      Running it in compatibility mode for Vista didn't work. Compatibility mode for XP SP3 did the trick, although it now asks for elevation when I run it.

      Anyway, BC is an awesome program, keep up the good work.

      And made in Delphi? Even better.


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        You should not need to run in compatibility mode under Windows 7 (from my brief testing). Simply installing BC3 with the default installation options during a fresh install works pretty well for me.

        It may be asking you to register again because the Settings are now stored in a different/compatible location. Did you install to the default location?
        Aaron P Scooter Software