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Compare Saved Sessions ... is there a way?

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  • Aaron
    There is not a way to do it as you describe, but you can export your settings (to back them up), then export them again and edit the Sessions.xml. With this, you can then re-import it to alter your settings, or compare against an older Sessions.xml.

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  • dickdunbar
    started a topic Compare Saved Sessions ... is there a way?

    Compare Saved Sessions ... is there a way?

    I don't even know how many saved sessions I have now ... lots.

    I need to reorganize, and what better tool than BC3.

    Is there a way ....

    - I can bring up the Saved Sessions list in the Left Folder
    - Create New Folders
    - Put the New Folders in the Right Folder
    - Move sessions, from one folder to another.
    - Visually reorganize and rename the sessions.

    I looked through the Help / sessions ... I might have missed the technique.