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  • BC 101 back to basic

    Our company recently purchased this software and my assignment is to learn this program. Could someone tell me where to start? Is there a tutorial or training manual/videos? The videos that provided for this website are more like tips but not really 101 training.

    Greatly appreciated,


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    Hello BCNewby,

    The main source of documentation is the help file included with Beyond Compare. We don't have any additional videos other than the videos demonstrating new features in version 3.

    In addition to the help, we also have some knowledgebase articles with tips on specific problems at:
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      A good start is to work with a Folder Compare session, and read the Help file on the different Toolbar buttons (Display Filters, File Name Filters, the different colors of files/folders, Session Settings). Session Settings includes Comparison Criteria, and other session specific options.

      A Session is a single instance of a compare, storing the two compared items (folders), and session specific settings (Session Settings), that allow you to then re-open the Session at a later date and resume work or recompare. Sessions are savable, like bookmarks.

      From a Folder Compare, you can double click a pair of aligned files (aligned in Folder Structure and File Name), and this will open up specific file comparison sessions. You can also load any of these comparison sessions manually without the Folder Compare.
      Aaron P Scooter Software