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    I've noticed that Beyond Compare keeps the modified date, but doesn't seem to keep the created date. Will there (or is there) an update or fix for this?

    Also, something I've noticed which is strange.

    If I copy a file using beyond compare 3, it doesn't retain the created date, but if I copy the file using robocopy, but the binary compare doesn't match and I recopy the file using beyond compare, the created date stays the same as the original file, not todays date....


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    Are you sure the created date stays? Performing a refresh may help. Beyond Compare does not preserve Created Date; Created Date is controlled by the operating system, and we use the Windows Explorer method to Copy files (assuming a Windows install).
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Yes, I've tested it several times.
      If I've started large copies via robocopy, and during that process there is an issue on the network where robocopy has created the file and the attributes, but hasn't finished copying, and beyond compare (with binary comparison) finds an issue, I can just copy the file over with beyond compare and it will retain the original date created that robocopy gave it.
      That seems to be the only situation I've found where beyond compare retains the date created.

      Is there some other way, using beyond compare, to keep the date created?
      I guess touching the file doesn't modify that attribute.

      Any ideas as far as a process? Currently we're copying the data with robocopy to maintain the MAC attributes, but verifying it with beyond compare.


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        Sorry, Beyond Compare doesn't provide a way to preserve creation dates. An option to preserve creation dates is on our wish list for a future version.
        Chris K Scooter Software