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Closed as UTF-8, reopened as ANSI

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  • Chris
    Hi Sean,

    If your files only contain English characters, ANSI text and UTF8 text is identical so BC will detect it as ANSI. BC will detect the files as UTF-8 if they contain non-English characters or if there is a Byte Order Mark (

    You can force your file format to use a specific character encoding. Select "Tools > File Formats". Select the HTML format. Go to the Conversion tab. Change the encoding from "Detect" to the encoding you want to force it to.

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  • seanconnor
    started a topic Closed as UTF-8, reopened as ANSI

    Closed as UTF-8, reopened as ANSI

    Dear all,

    I have a very strange problem that is driving me crazy, so I hope anyone with a brain bigger than mine (an easy feat, mind you) will help me out.

    I have a set of HTML documents that, when I open then, are encoded as "ANSI". I change the encoding to UTF-8 but when I close the document and open it again is still ANSI.

    So the question is: Is there any way to:

    a) Open all documents as UTF-8, so when I close them they stay that way.

    b) Save the documents as UTF-8, and they stay saved that way.

    By the way, I did tried the "save as..." and seleted UTF-8, but for some reason they keep opening themselves as ANSI.

    Thanks in advance for any help provided, and sorry for the inconvenience.