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  • Unwanted Name Filters

    I have a couple of unwanted Name Filters in my Filter Drop down List that I added by mistake. What would be the process to remove them?


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    Go to Tools -> Options, Folder Views: Filter Presets, and delete the text line that contains the presets you no longer want.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks Aaron,

      But that only gets rid of the Filter Presets that shipped with BC3. I typed some o my own filters in the filter dropdown trying to learn the filter syntax and some of them are incorrect. Such as: "!*.trx". Now I cannot get rid of them and they are not in the list of Filter Presets you pointed me to.


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        If the filter keeps coming back in an saved session, remove the filter, then resave the session from the Session\Save Session dropdown menu item.

        If the filter comes up in new folder compare sessions... after clearing your filter, set the context dropdown to "Also update session defaults" before clicking OK.
        BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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          The problem is that the unwanted filters are not in the Options, Folder Views: Filter Presets to be deleted. I have found no where to delete them.


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            Hi Jim!

            You're talking about the filter history! In the Filters-dropdown they are placed after the entries in Options/Folder Views/Filter Presets. To seperate them visual I placed
            === Filter-History ==========
            ======================" at the end of Flter Presets.

            The filter history is kept in BCState.xml/MRUFilters and to delete them You have to delete the entries with an editor from BCState.xml directly.

            Perhaps sometime in the future there will be an option to delete history from the GUI.

            Greetings Lutz


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              Great - that was what I needed.
              Sorry for the confusion gents.


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                Thanks, Lutz!

                I've added your suggestion as a tracker entry. We'll look into a better solution for clearing these out than manually editing the .xml.
                Aaron P Scooter Software