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Feature Request - Word wrap or popup with long lines

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  • Feature Request - Word wrap or popup with long lines

    BC3 is a marvellous tool that I use every day.

    One little thing could make my use of BC3 easier. Long lines of text are difficult to handle, because one cannot see that much of each line. It would be wonderful, if one could EITHER enlargen the line window so that one could se multiple lines or the whole line OR somehow open a popup with the whole text. My wish applies to both file comparisons and the 3-way text merge window.

    I hope you understand what I try to say.

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    Hello Georg,

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestion. We currently have under the View menu -> Text Details to view more information of the currently selected line.

    Word wrap and other ideas are on our Customer Wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aaron,

      When should we expect to have Word-wrap available in BC3.


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        We do not have a time line for when it would be implemented. Our Customer Wishlist is a list our developers go to for ideas for future enhancements and features.

        We currently offer Tidy-based rules that allow for the comparison of standardized text. You can customize an external conversion to tidy your files and present the information.
        Aaron P Scooter Software