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Dealing with identical files with different dates

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  • Dealing with identical files with different dates

    I restored a large amount of files / folders but the app restored the files with current date / time, then started using some of the files and freated new ones (call it c:\A)

    I restored the same data to a differnt folder with their original timestamps. (c:\B)

    Any thoughts on how to compare the 2 folders A and B, saying if the file in a is identical to b, I want to keep the date of the file in B. Otherwise, the file in A has been worked on and is more current and I want to keep that date and not overwrite it from B.

    I know how to compare files, and get the = or not = signs. But then how to copy just the ='s? Or touch the A files?


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    I think I just figured it out? Touch A with the time from B? the newest files in A will have old dates, but I guess that's not a really big deal. Not that many affected?

    any other ideas?


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      After you get the = in the middle use the View->Show Same command to show only those files, then use Edit->Select All Files and copy the timestamps using Touch.
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