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suggestion: 1click open and background copy

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  • suggestion: 1click open and background copy

    can set hot key to "open as default" , so i can click once to open doc. i remeber bc2 can do but bc3 can not

    when i sync a folder while a sync is running, there are two thread. and make disk heavy. and i can not go to other base folders because sync will be cancel if i insist.(and, if there are many thread. i do not know what folder they each is based. and i often cancel the wrong one)
    i hope all copy/move/sync run in background and onebyone. what ever i m doing.
    i know script can do this. but i do not want script.

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    Hello ziotean,

    1. It is possible to make Beyond Compare 3 open saved sessions on startup instead of the Home view.

    First, open the saved session or sessions. Then select "Session > Save Workspace As" and assign a name to the open sessions. Select "Tools > Options". Go to the "Startup" section. Change "Load workspace" from blank to the name of your saved workspace.

    This will make BC load the saved sessions from your workspace when it starts.

    2. Instead of changing the current base folders while file operations are running, open a new tab or window. You can select "Session > New Tab" or "Session > New Window" to open a completely new comparison. You can also select two folders, then select "Open in New View" to open them in a separate tab.
    Chris K Scooter Software