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Recording rename, move actions

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  • Recording rename, move actions

    I need some ideas & suggestions on how to go about this.

    I have a work PC, home laptop & portable 500GB HD.

    I like to keep all 3 devices in sync. Sometimes I change stuff in work PC... and sometimes in home laptop. I use the portable HD to sync home and work devices. So essentially, it's 3 devices needing to be sync.

    Problem is, recently I am doing a massive resort, reorder, renaming, moving extravaganza. I have renamed some files, moved folders about, etc. Not to mention, some new files included too.

    Now, I could just mirror left-to-right, etc. but have to be careful that the right-side doesn't have any newly created files.

    This is totally unncessary if files were just renamed or folders moved, right? Is there a way BC can record actions/changes? So that they can be applied at work or home, etc?

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    There isn't an easy way to do this in Beyond Compare. However, you can save a snapshot to keep track of the state of your files from the last sync. Reviewing our Sneakernet article might be a good place to start.
    Chris K Scooter Software