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    It's for "Session Settings" > Replacements section.

    As of now if we need to define a new Replacement then we have to -
    1. Copy the current word/text
    2. Open Replacement dialog
    3. Define it as new Replacement item in Left side (or Right side)
    4. Define the Replacement item for the other side.

    What I'm wondering is if we could -

    1. Have a "Replacement" option on word selection context menu
    2. Which on clicking would define that selected word as the "Replacement" item based on the Comparison side e.g. if a word is selected on the left side would become the Left side replacement item.
    3. Later on we could select another word on the right(or other) Comparison side ..which would yield a context menu "Replacement for <word-selected-on-left-side>' on right click which after clicking we would end up having the Replacement items defined for the word(s) you want to correlate. It's more like windows context menu item for Beyond Compare (Compare to "file1") when you right click on the second file after you're done selecting the first file.

    Of course for the regex etc you'll have to go to Replacement dialog & define it there as usual but for regular word replacement (which is more common) we can opt the way I suggested which appears more friendly & accelerative. Because in my case mostly I'm more reluctant to defining Replacements just to avoid the hazzle of going to the Replacement dialog (along with copying & stuff too).

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    This is already in BC3. If you don't see it, please update to the latest BC 3.1.4.

    To generate a replacement, right click on a change (without selecting text) and select "Replacement". It will bring up the replacement dialog with the text already filled in.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the reply. I already upgraded to 3.1.4 but still don't see the "Replacement" in Context Menu (attached image).


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        Originally posted by NeOnD View Post
        I already upgraded to 3.1.4 but still don't see the "Replacement" in Context Menu
        Your text cursor must be immediately before or in the middle of a change (red text). If your text cursor is within black text (or immediately after a red section) then there is no recognizable context for defining a replacement, so the option will not appear in the context menu.
        BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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          Yeah that works except for when the mouse is right after a word & before space (in the series of words all in red).


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            Also with these settings I don't find a way to define a replacement at the parent level or permanently. Also I was wondering wouldn't it be better if we could select the text which we want to use as replacement (irrespective or red/black colored) & then set it's counterpart on the other side with another mouse click.


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              I agree that this functionality has room for improvement:
              1. I think that the context menu item should also be available for a text cursor that immediately follows a change section, not just in or immediately before.
              2. It would be helpful if the user could select a block of text that contains a change then choose Replacements from the context menu.

              Consider, for example, the following texts:

              Left side:
              Copyright 2008

              Right side:
              Copyright 2009

              The only character that differs is the last character, but we would not likely want to replace all 8s with 9s. We should be able to select the entire year or the entire copyright statement and choose Replacements from the context menu to match it to the other side.
              BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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                Is it possible to incorporate the points we raised. As otherwise the "Replacement" feature in context menu doesn't help much. I'd rather prefer going to Session Settings & define the Replacement there as it's richer.


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                  I've added your/Michael's notes and ideas to our Customer Wishlist entry on Replacements feedback.
                  Aaron P Scooter Software


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                    Thanks Aaron