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"Browse for Folder" hangs

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  • "Browse for Folder" hangs

    Hi all...

    I'm using Beyond Compare 3.1.4 build 10554. I decided I wanted to try the "sync" function. I brought up BC3, selected "Folder Sync", but in the "Browse for Folder" window, when I expand "My Computer", it just hangs. No response. I have to kill it.

    I then tried just a regular folder compare, but starting from "Browse for Folder". Same thing.

    If I use it the way I usually do -- using the Explorer integration, so select files or folders and compare (or select left then right), it works fine.

    But when I try to browse, it hangs.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    - Tim

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    Sorry folks, it seems this had to do with the typical situation where I had 4 mapped shares, and it was taking the usual 30 seconds per drive looking for it when it wasn't mounted, I think. So nevermind.

    - Tim


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      Loop on Context Menu>Explorer

      My brain was on auto-pilot after lunch and I right clicked when I should have just pushed the sync button. Next, I accidentally hit Explorer subitem, BC3 then went into loop 90% CPU.

      I could not kill or esc from it, finally killed the process and started over. I could not repeat this but thought you might like to know.



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        Thanks for letting us know.

        Do you remember what your selection was when you went to the Right-click menu: Explorer?
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Not sure I completely understand your question but the submenu never came up.

          Are you asking where the cursor was? I don't really remember. Only that it was on the left side of the compare someplace about 3/4 down. I doubt that's helpful.

          I'll pay attn and try to do more diagnostics if it happens again.