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"Test Archive" before updating folders

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  • "Test Archive" before updating folders

    Hello Friends,

    This post is for a special (However CRITICAL) situation I had encountered sometime ago. Here are the details of the situation:

    I had run Defrag on disk C. During defrag there was a power failure and Defrag was aborted before it was complete. I have a Saved Folder Compare Session, that maintaines a backup of important C drive files/folders to another Drive. Later during a routine backup via this session, it marked many files on drive C as changed ones. I was lucky as I did not went ahead with the backup updation right away; I tested all the archive files marked as "Changed" on drive C via the "TEST ARCHIVE" facility of 7ZIP. Here I found that Abnormal termaination of defrag had corrupted many files on drive C. Had I went ahead with Folder Sync without this test, I would have killed my data as well as its backup.

    Now my request : Is there some setting the BC3 that can force TEST (may be 7zip style) of every Archive File/folder before Folder Sync. Incidentally, I find BC3 to be a good BackUp maintenance tool. If this features is there in the program, I can be more confident in using the program for backups.

    I will look forward to your views; Please accept my regards for your time.

    With Regards

    Sanjiv Bansal

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    Hi Sanjiv,

    Sorry, there's no way to make BC test archives before copying them. I don't really think that would be a great solution to your problem though. Testing the archive files would catch corruption in them, but it seems unlikely that they are the only files that would have gotten corrupt. I can't see any reason why the same corruption wouldn't have affected your jpegs, exes, and documents, so any testing we did would just give you a false sense of security.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      Thanks Craig,

      Your reply gives a good suggestion > that we should compress files that we need to backup. That way we can have one extra level of safety to catch corruption in EXE, XLS etc.files also.

      If it it is viable for Scooter Software, please accept this as a request to give option to a user to have Archive (Zip, GZ etc.) files in SOURCE tested before Folder Sync.

      Further, your software nicely performs most of the jobs of a Backup maintenance utility. I can find just a few areas (Like the one mentioned above), where it needs enhancements to make it into a complete Backup Utility. It seems to be already so. I will suggest that you include any other feature that could be useful for BACKUP Usage, and position the software as a great backup maintenance utility.

      Thanks again for your reply. It has helped.

      With Regards

      Sanjiv Bansal