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Can I share session settings among different computers?

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  • Can I share session settings among different computers?

    Is it possible to share session settings among different BC installtions? I usually work in multiple virtual machines on two different computers (one in my home and one in my home office). It would be quite neat if, I could configure BC to look for sessions settings, or any other configuration details for that matter, on a shared network drive for instance.

    Is that possible and if so, how do I achieve that?

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    O.k., that wasn 't very clever. I thought I'd give the BC 'Options' a closer look and quickly found out it's possible to specifiy a 'Shared sessions file' on the 'General' tab. However, apparently it's not possible to modify shared sessions, which makes it's use rather limited. Is there a way around this?


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      You can make a Portable install (which stores settings in the same folder it is installed, so you will need write access) in a Network shared drive you can access on both computers.

      Or you can use the Portable install on a USB drive and move it between computers with you.
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        Thanks for the reply.

        In my case a portable install on a shared drive seems a more pratical solution than dragging a USB stick back and forth between computers. So I'll give that a try.