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  • Disable FTP cache

    Hi there, please can you tell me if there is a way of disabling the FTP cache? Almost all my work with BC is comparing a local folder with a remote FTP, and then often synchronising local with remote changes. That means I often do a line-by-line sync as both sides have changed.

    However, BC always seems to open the remote file from the cache. Therefore, if it's changed from the last time I opened it, I don't see the changes. I therefore end up inadvertently overwriting remote changes. This occurs even if I've made the changes in BC!! Eg. if I open the files for comparison, copy a couple of lines over to the remote file, then close and save, the next time I open the file it shows me the version before, ie. the original file without the changed lines. If I hit F5 then I get the 'live' remote version.

    However, I don't want to be hitting F5 every time to ensure that I have the latest version, it should open up the remote file from the server every time, not from a local cache. Can I change this behaviour?

    Regards, Ben

    PS. Am using the latest version as of now (15/7/2009)

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    We will need a simple debugging log showing these 5 actions:
    load your folder compare
    double click and open your file
    save a change in the file
    doubleclick (re)opening the file
    refreshing the file with f5

    If you could mark in the log where each action takes place, or try to keep the log short and simple that would be great.

    To enable debugging: press Ctrl+Shift+T to enter the Tweaks dialog. Go to Folder Views, and enable "Include debug messages in log." The log in the Folder Compare (lower pane) will now populate with additional info.

    Please email this log to [email protected]

    You may want to turn down the number of FTP connections to try and keep the log simple as well (Tools menu -> FTP Profiles, select profile, Connection tab, 1 Simultaneous connection.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aaron, I've done this, but I can't find the log file, can you tell me where it is please?

      Thanks, Ben


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        Sorry, just realised you said the log in the bottom pane, will send off ASAP

        Cheers, Ben


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          Hi Aaron, I sent the log over on monday. Have you had chance to look?