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  • Generate bcpkg file


    Within our company we'd like to use a shared sessions/ftp profile file that is automatically generated from our database with client site FTP credentials. However I don't know with what method I should encrypt the password to make them readable by other Beyond Compare installations. Can you tell me how I can encrypt our password in a way that will make them readable by other Beyond Compare clients?

    Rik Meijer

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    You can use the Tools menu -> Export to export your Sessions and/or FTP Profiles.

    You can also have users point to a shared session under the Tools menu -> Options, General section: Shared Session File (points to an Exported Sessions file). This shared session file can be on a network location that multiple users can access.

    Our bcpkg file is a zip file that contains any XML settings you've exported. You can open and verify any information you wish to double check.

    Does this help answer your questions? If not, how are you automatically generating your settings file/export?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I was aware of the possibility of exporting my Sessions. But I want to be able to export our central MySQL database containing our clients credentials to such a bcpkg file (containing sessions and FTP-profiles). Otherwise I have to manually copy all credentials into BC when they change or when we add new credentials.

      Oh and BTW the FTP-profiles stored in the Shared Sessions File are not automatically loaded in other BC's. Is this by design?


      ps. Beyond Compare works great!!! I just want this one thing


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        Hi Rik,

        I'll email you the algorithm, but that's not currently enough to satisfy your request. Even though the shared sessions file can be a .bcpkg file, it's currently only using the BcSessions.xml part of it. I can see the use of also supporting shared ftp profiles, but that will be a feature request.
        Zoë P Scooter Software


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          Great! I got the script working. Now everyone at our company can enjoy updated BC sessions...

          Thanks for the help!