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is BeyondCompare 3 trial 30 days from install, or 30 days of use?

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  • is BeyondCompare 3 trial 30 days from install, or 30 days of use?

    Hi folks, I am a long (long) time BC user. I recommend it all the time. But something I often stressed (if people hedged) was that the BC trial was not 30 days from install but rather 30 days of use, which was an awesome way to get people hooked.

    But is that still true for BC 3, as it was for BC 2? I don't see that clarified as such in the BC3 license agreement, nor is it mentioned on the download page, or elsewhere I've searched.

    I suppose I'd understand if the policy has changed. I can appreciate that some may abuse such a liberal trial and maybe never get around to buying. I always liked it, though, as it gave one time to really prove its worth and become indispensable.

    Still, if the policy is indeed now different, I don't want to be misinforming people. Can anyone clarify? I'd rather not install BC3 and wait 30 days to find out. Thanks.

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    The policy is the same as BC2. We still allow 30 days of actual use, and don't have any intentions of changing that. No need to wait 30 days to find that out though; the first run of the day has a nag screen that shows the number of days in the trial remaining, so you can see that it only decreases when you run it.
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      Thanks very much for the clarification. As for testing it myself, well, that still would have required waiting a couple days: first to install and run it, then let a day pass, then run it again to see that the number of days went down only 1, not 2. :-)

      Thanks for answering here, and I hope the news (if it was new to some) may help them as well. I think it's an awesome approach--and tool. Thanks.