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How about comparing files in one folder.

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  • How about comparing files in one folder.

    Here's something I've been wondering about Beyond Compare 3. I know you can compare files in two different folders...but how about comparing files in one folder. Does BC have an option for this? Thanks.

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    Through the GUI or via Script?

    I have Beyond Compare 3 in my "Send To" list under the Windows Explorer context menu. If I want to work with a single folder in Beyond Compare, I simply right-click on the folder and "Send To" Beyond Compare 3. This opens up the folder on one side of a folder compare with nothing loaded on the other. I can then work with the files in any way that I want:

    Select two and compare them
    Rename multiple files with a RegEx expression
    Touch the date-time stamps

    There is no need to have a folder loaded in the other side of the folder compare.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      Load the Folder on one side of the Folder Compare, as Michael suggests, and then select the two files you wish to compare manually with Ctrl+Left Click, then right-click and select the type of comparison.

      Beyond Compare 3 sorts files first by filename and then determines if the content is the same or different. If two files exist in the same folder but have different names, we cannot scan for this case. You can show the CRC column, but I would recommend using a Duplicate File Finding software specific for this task instead.
      Aaron P Scooter Software