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Confused: Folder Compare vs. Folder Sync - How To Do Multiple Folders

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  • Confused: Folder Compare vs. Folder Sync - How To Do Multiple Folders

    I'm a little confused. I have several different folders that I'd like to synchronize with my FTP server. I set them up as Folder Synchronizations instead of Folder Compares. I'm a little confused as to what the main difference between these two options are.

    I'm able to successfully synchronize with the way I have it setup with a few things I was hoping to resolve. Right now, I'm forced to run each folder synchronization session manually, one by one.

    I was hoping I'd be able to select all the ones I want to compare/synchronize, and then have it run for each of the ones I've chosen. Then after viewing the results of the compare, I can click on a button that will synchronize.

    Another option would be to automate the whole process. However, again, I'm confused by:

    1. Should I be using Folder Compare or Folder Sync?
    2. How can I select multiple folders to compare/sync instead of having to do each one separately.

    Any feedback/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    The Folder Sync will sync everything in the pair of folders you select. If you need to have more folders in there, go up a level and use File Filters to hide the items you do not want to sync.

    So instead of c:\folder\subfolder1 to c:\folder\subfolder1, sync c:\folder and c:\folder, but use file filters to show only subfolder1 (and any other folders you want to sync).

    A Folder Compare offers the Sync commands, but they are used in either a similar way (whole folder) or on just the selection. They also cannot be customized.

    You can set the Comparison criteria to run automatically under the Session menu -> Session Settings, Comparison tab.

    If you have any questions, please post or email screenshots of your sync structure. [email protected]
    Aaron P Scooter Software