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Highlighted files still selected when doing new sync jobs

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  • Highlighted files still selected when doing new sync jobs

    I'm not sure if I'm missing a setting...but I just did a sync job between two folders and copied files that were missing on the left from the right. Everything went well...until I realized too late that I was actually copying over files that had already been copied in a prior synch job. What happened was...I was manually highlighting files I wanted copied...but didn't realize after I finished the copy that the highlighted files that had already been copied were still highlighted. So when I selected more files for synchronizing the new job was picking up the highlighted files from the previous job. In other words...I had forgotten to deselect the files that had been copied in a previous job and this carried over into the new job I was initiating. Is there a setting that can prevent this problem? Thanks.

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    There isn't a setting that will clear the selection after a file operation. However, if you were using the copy command, you can instead use the "Actions > Synchronize > Update" commands in the Folder Compare. This will only copy files with newer and orphan files. It will prevent already copied files from being copied again.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      The last time I tried "Actions > Synchronize > Update" didn't do as you're describing. It copied over ALL the files over again and not just the orphans or newer files. That's why I'm afraid to use the update option. Manually copying prevents this problem.


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        Synchronize > Update works as Chris describes for me.

        I don't know how your session settings are set up. If you only care about content, and don't care about datetime stamp, be sure to set your default session settings to perform a binary comparison and override your quick test results. If the files are the same, Synchronize > Update will not copy them.
        BC v4.0.7 build 19761