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  • New Update Issue

    I attempted the upgrade to Version BCompare- When restarting the program after install - it loads fine to the main screen. When I try to load an existing session - it trys to load - the rec circle X blinks at the top - but I get now activity in the bottom status window where it usually connects and reads the directory of the remote FTP site. The program never proceeds to a file list and hangs in this state.

    When I revert back to my previous version (BCompare- - everything works properly again.

    This is the first time I have ever had an update fail to operate going all the way back to the release of BC 2. Any thoughts?

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    Thank you for reporting the problem. We haven't had any other users report FTP issues with the new build yet. Please send a copy of the BC log showing the problem connection with the new version and a copy of your settings. To save your settings to a file, select "Help > Support" and click the Export button.

    You can send the log and settings to [email protected] and we'll look into it.
    Chris K Scooter Software