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Why not merge folder sync with folder compare?

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  • Why not merge folder sync with folder compare?

    I really don't understand the value of having a folder sync option when you can use folder compare to run folder syncs as well. There's a button on there that allows you to run folder syncs. The actual home page which lists folder sync should be merged with folder compare as they're essentially doing the same jobs. Can somebody explain the difference?

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    The folder sync session is for dedicated synching jobs for those people who aren't interested in interactively copying/deleting/renaming/etc. It's designed so you can easily set it up once and just use the "Sync" button after that. Also, since it's designed only for synching, we will be able to add additional features that won't make it into the folder compare's "sync", like keeping track of the folder's status after the last sync, so it can better keep track of what's been added/deleted/modified.
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