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[RFE] [website] change thread titles

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  • [RFE] [website] change thread titles

    Dear Scooter Team,
    A comment concerning your web site: In case you have this option in your forum software, you might want to consider letting threadstarters change thread titles. For example, after some posts (and a better understanding of the issue), the user finds a more understandable title. Another benefit would be that the user can add a small note for the thread status (answered, bug fixed, wontfix, etc.).
    Just an idea, because I have seen this sometimes on other boards ...

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    You can do this currently. Go to the Edit button, then once in editing mode, click Advanced to edit your title.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Oh, sorry. I was using Opera and in Opera the "go advanced" button does not show up. I should have checked with another browser though, my bad. I just checked with Firefox and it works. Thank you.


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        No problem, boarders.

        I would recommend only changing the topic once the thread is closed, or if at all. Often if the topic in the thread is diverging from the current issue it is good to close that discussion so other users can find that answer and then open a new thread on the new topic.
        Aaron P Scooter Software