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  • Filter files within directories

    I am trying to apply a specific filter within a directory tree but do not want to apply that filter to the entire tree. Is there a way I can do that.

    I am comparing a folder tree on PRODUCTION with a similar one on QA. One of the folders on Production is "Client Reports" and it has subfolders under it one for each client and each of these folders contains reports that are generated everyday.
    On QA the corresponding folders have reports generated for today only. While comparing I would like to IGNORE all files not generated today and contained within these folders. However there are other folders that do contain older files and I do need them to be within the scope of comparision.

    Even if this is not doable at this point it may be a nifty addition to the already super product.

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    If there is a single base folder for the part of the tree you want to apply the filter to, the easiest thing to do would be to right click on the folder, select "open in new view", and apply the filter in the new view.


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      You can define specific filters to go into subfolders. If you search the Help file for the File Masks article, it will list the syntax examples. Here is a snippet:

      "Relative file masks

      Relative file masks affect files or folders in specific locations.

      f must be in folder p.

      f must be in the base folder.

      f may have zero or more parent folders.

      Example: Windows\*.txt would affect any text file in any included folder named Windows.

      Example: ...\Windows\*.txt would affect any text file in any folder named Windows.

      Example: .\Windows\*.txt would affect any text file in a folder named Windows that is in the base folder.
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