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Compare CSV File and Folder of images.

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  • Compare CSV File and Folder of images.

    I've been using BC3 for a while, and have come across a need to compare csv files with image files. Our IT department has a script that basically does this process, but I am looking for a way to do this through BC3. Looking for ideas of how to complete the process described below:
    Step 1. Compare CSV file with numerous picture files within a folder or subfolders.
    Step 2. Mark or highlight matches in the image folder.
    Step 3. Have the ability to copy those highlighted files to a folder destination.

    Thank you, bowwow

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    Could you go into more detail on what you mean by CSV to Picture comparison? Do you have a CSV file that dictacts which Pictures to compare to which Pictures? Or do you have a Picture of a CSV you want to compare to a CSV?

    Beyond Compare 3 will align files by folder location and file name. Once aligned you can then run content comparisons (or use the Picture Compare session type) to compare aligned files. BC3 Pro offers Alignment Overrides: rules which can be used to determine how similarly named files can be aligned.

    If you have a Picture of a CSV file to a CSV file, you will need to convert the picture to a CSV file using OCR software, or obtain the original. Beyond Compare cannot compare a picture file to a text file. You must first convert the picture to text using another product. You can then compare the text to text using Beyond Compare.
    Aaron P Scooter Software