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Beyond Compare as option when using USB stick

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  • Beyond Compare as option when using USB stick

    I realise that this is possibly more of a Windows' question, but can anyone help.

    Most of the time,I compare folders in a USB memory stick folder with a folder on my PC. When I insert the stick, Windows prompts me with a window with "What do you want Windows to do" which includes options like Picasa for example.

    Is there a way of "adding" BC so it is automatically one of the available options ?

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    After some experimentation ...

    I discovered how to do it.

    Download TweakUI from microsoft and install.

    Start TweakUI and select the options as shown in the 1st screen capture.

    Select the options as shown on the 2nd screen capture. Select change program and drill down to the relevant BCompare.exe. Note that when I hadn't selected the Music files option, BC was never shown in the list of options. (The fact that I have no music files on my USB stick didn't seem to make any difference - it seemed to require thta option)