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Using BC to update archive disks

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  • Using BC to update archive disks

    I have a media server on which I keep all my media files. I keep an archive copy of the files on hard disks that I store separately from my PC. Periodically (once a week, or whenever I add many files) I use BC to find what is new and copy these files to the archive disk. This worked fine when all the files fit on one archive hard disk. Now that I have more than one, I'm trying to figure out how best to manage them.

    What I have been doing is using a date filter, since I know that the older archive disks contain all my data as of a certain date. So I just filter on dates later than this, which should go on the current archive disk. This is usually valid, because the older files normally don't change, but occasionally one does change. My current scheme would not copy this.

    I'm thinking it ought to be possible to use snapshots (of the archive disks) somehow to do this. But I can't figure out how. One question that I have, is it possible to combine or concatenate snapshots? Or create a snapshot file from more than one disk, and where all the disks are not in the PC at one time?

    Any suggestions on other methods of managing my archive disks are welcome.

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    Is the situation that the folder structure is identical in Folder A and Folder B, but Folder A contains all older files, and Folder B is the beginning of new files? You are then trying to sync both from Server C, which has the same folder structure as well and all of the files mixed together?

    If so, the Date Filters are your best bet for now. Otherwise you could put Folder B into a different folder structure and keep them separate. The worst case scenario there would be duplicate versions of updated video files (where if for some reason it is updated, it will end up on both the old archive as the old version, and the new archive with the new version.).

    There isn't a way to combine or concatenate snapshots of folder.
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