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Overwrite text on status line

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  • Overwrite text on status line

    Since upgrading my development system to Windows 7 64-bit I notice that BC3 is one of a handful of programs which overwrite text on a status line. Maximizing the window and various other operations clear the field, but clicking from one file to another does not. The problem occurs with today's BC3 download also.

    I am using NVidia Windows 7 screen drivers. I set 'medium size' screen fonts. The problem does not affect my own Delphi apps. Does anyone else see something like the attached screenshot?

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    Text on status bar isn't cleared before being written to in many cases

    Yes, I've been witnessing this ever since converting to Vista. I just logged in to post the problem and noticed your posting.


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      Just you and me then. And nothing I can find on (any variants of) this topic via Google.


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        Thanks for reporting the status bar text issue. We've had a few users report this on Windows Vista and Windows 7. We haven't been able to find a solution yet but we will continue to investigate it.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          Excellent! In the other program where I saw it once or twice (Mailwasher Pro) I cannot now make the effect re-appear. In BC3, you can always clear the overwriting temporarily by adjusting the width of the main window, so whatever happens in the resize handler is different from a normal paint operation.